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My name is Missouri, I am a proud mother of four remarkable children, who have expanded my legacy with what I lovingly refer to as the beautiful little people in my life. My roles span from being a  founder, visionary and producer to an entertainment designer, author, artist, and breast cancer survivor. As an inspirational leader for Breast Cancer Survivors, I've passionately advocated for homeless women affected by breast cancer. Additionally, I proudly hold the position of New Jersey State Chair for USA Oneness & Wisdom within the global ALL-Ladies League organization.

As the founder of Celebration Of Life Annual, (COLA) the visionary of STYLETAINMENT, Theatrical Production Company, we united efforts to generate funds for our initiatives through the organization of an annual GALA specifically crafted to pay tribute to breast cancer survivors. This occasion encompasses the presentation of the esteemed Ada Award and various other components. I strongly emphasize the significance of recognizing individuals when they can truly appreciate it, and this philosophy is one of the driving forces behind our work.

Our primary initiatives revolve around two projects. First is A Place Called LOVE, envisioned as a residence for homeless women navigating breast cancer, providing a safe haven for living, healing, and fostering self-reliance. The second initiative involves organizing a seven-city tour for STYLETAINMENT's theatrical stage production, The Show: A Cancer Survivor's Story. The objective is to amplify awareness about the urgent necessity to support homeless women confronting breast cancer, thereby broadening our influence and outreach.


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Sometimes, it takes a moment for us to fully embrace our authentic selves and grasp our purpose. My moment of realization occurred during a chemotherapy session in 2011 when I posed a profound question to myself: If I possessed unlimited wealth, how would I spend the remainder of my life? Prior to that, I was engrossed in running an Image Consulting and Custom Design Company. I vividly recall a conversation with a friend who envisioned a completely different path for me once I triumphed over breast cancer. That question became the catalyst for the birth of STYLETAINMENT. Now, after 11 years, STYLETAINMENT transcends being merely an exceptional entertainment company that ignites your dreams—it has become the very essence of my being. At the tender age of 9, I organized a fashion show for my mother, showcasing my Barbie doll on a makeshift cardboard runway. With unwavering confidence, I proclaimed that one day I would produce a grand spectacle. And 47 years later, "WE DID IT." In 2012, we unveiled The Show, A Cancer Survivor's Story, followed by the GALA in 2021, and the Ada Award made its debut at our GALA in 2022. Honoring women who have battled breast cancer remains a profound motivation for my continued presence. The GALA is an incredible experience; the energy exuded by the ladies as they grace the red carpet, adorned in their finest attire, is simply indescribable. The Ada Award grants me the opportunity to pay homage to my mother, who has been the driving force in my life. It serves as my heartfelt expression of gratitude, saying, "Thank you, Mommy, for granting me life and nurturing my dreams. “ Life, whether fortuitously or unfortunately, remains unpredictable. Nevertheless, each day we awaken with an ardent desire to effect change, to undertake endeavors that will positively impact lives and inspire dreams. I am the "dream inspirer," and through the endeavors of STYLETAINMENT, we shall forever remain grateful for the privilege to make a profound and lasting difference. I urge you to discover the very thing that not only awakens you each morning but also deeply connects with your soul. It is a journey of the soul, a path that may not be effortless, but in your most challenging moments, you will find solace in God and a purpose that propels you forward. Always remember, NEVER EVER GIVE UP ON YOURSELF.

My Story

Do you remember your 9-year-old childhood DREAMS?   Most of us don’t.  This is the story of an exceptionally, talented, creative, tenacious young girl that never forgot or gave up on her 9-year-old DREAMS.


We’re all born for certain destinies and purposes in life and many of us fight against those destinies and search for all the things we “think” we should do or want to be. 


But Missouri is one of the lucky ones because she has known her destiny all of her life.  She knew early on what to embrace and what to dismiss in order to reach her dreams, her goals, her passions and her purpose.  But for so long, life just kept throwing obstacles in her path.


At times, many of those obstacles seemed insurmountable but the visions of her 9-year-old self, watching her mother sew, kept her on her path. 


While at the knee of her mother, she collected scraps of fabric and built a make shift fashion runway, all the while making a commitment to someday become a major force in the fashion entertainment world. 

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